18 Old Toys That Are Worth a STUNNING Amount of Money!

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There is nothing quite like an investment that actually pays off. Whether you bought Apple stock when it first launched or you collected Beanie Babies, there are a number of different outcomes that your investments can lead to. Who knew that investing in your toy collection could be so profitable? From vintage products to ultra-rare toys, you are about to see what they are really worth! Today, we are going to highlight 18 incredible old toys that are worth a stunning amount of money.

Pokemon Cards – $200k

After being introduced to mainstream audiences in America during the mid-90s, Pokemon-Mania swept through the country. From cards and plushies to video games and movies, Pokemon were everywhere. As it turns out, Pokemon is still a juggernaut of a franchise with some of the older cards worth over $200k! If you want to see the rarest and most expensive Pokemon cards, start by looking up the No. 2 Trainer Promo Card and go from there!

Original Monopoly Boardgame – $146k

If you don’t love crushing your family in a game of Monopoly, do you even really game? Monopoly was invented by Charles Darrow in 1933. The first hand-drawn monopoly board would end up becoming the most valuable game board around. Sold in 2011 for $146,500, this might be the most expensive board game ever sold!

1st Edition Pound Puppies Stuffed Animal – $5k

Pound Puppies was a line of toys developed by Tonka in the mid-80s. Over a five year span, more than $300 million in merchandising would be made selling various products in the line. This stuffed animal, in great condition, can be worth more than $5k to the right buyer.

Garbage Pail Kids Cards – $300 to $4k

The Garbage Pail Kids were an iconic part of childhood for anybody that grew up in the 80s and 90s. These disgusting cards were as fun to collect as they were to look at. Despite being little more than old pieces of paper, certain Garbage Pail Kids cards are being sought out and purchased on eBay for nearly $4k!

Original Talkboy – $200

How is this for a blast from the past? Before there were iPhones for recording everyday conversations, we had the Talkboy. Released in 1992, the Talkboy was known for being a huge and clunky cassette voice recorder. The product gained most of its fame thanks to prominent placement in the film, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Assorted Beanie Babies – $12k

The 90s were a happier time in life, weren’t they? While Pokemon was all the rage, Beanie Babies were doing their best to stay relevant. For a brief period in time, Beanie Babies were considered the next big thing in the world of collectibles. While the toy collection mania would fade, some of the original units are still worth a jaw-dropping amount of money. Princess the Bear was made in honor of Diana, Princess of Wales, following her tragic death. The toy is now worth $12k to the right buyer.

Assorted Cabbage Patch Dolls – $360k

Cabbage Patch Dolls were brought into mass production early in 1982. These weird little dolls quickly became one of the most popular toy fads of the era. Nowadays, Cabbage Patch Kids are a thing of the past though you had better not tell Pat and Joe Prosey. The Prosey’s own more than 5,000 dolls that they feature in their own museum. The entire Prosey doll collection has been valued at $360k.

Push Cart Pete by Fisher-Price – $3k

Anytime that we highlight vintage toys during these conversations, we are blown away by their value. ‘Push Cart Pete’ was a fun little toy invented by Fisher-Price back in 1936. This ostensibly simple toy is now a verified collectible with a valuation of nearly $3k. Not bad for a monkey and a pushcart, right?

Skeletor Action Figure (1982) – $2k

He-Man and the Master’s of the Universe first aired in 1982. Since then, the series would go on to become a childhood favorite for boys and girls of all ages. From Castle Grayskull and Skeletor to He-Man and trusty Lionel, the series went wild at the register. This Skeletor action figure from 1982 is worth $2k all on its own!

Luke Skywalker Action Figure (1978) – $25k

Merchandising rights are a big deal for a reason! Star Wars has long been one of the most storied franchises in cinema history and its fans surely do their part. This 1978 Luke Skywalker action figure was valued at $25k when sold at auction in 2015. Can you imagine paying $25k for a toy? We can’t!

Original Lite-Brite – $100

The original Lite-Brite was brought to the market in 1967. This visually arresting toy was an instant hit thanks to the creativity that it would allow children to cultivate. The Lite-Brite has changed over the years, though you can still sell your original unit for a quick-and-easy $100.

Rare PEZ Dispensers – $32k

Pez Dispensers are the treats that never stop giving. These little toy candy machines have been saturating the market since they were first introduced by Eduard Haas III in 1927. PEZ dispensers are great collector items because there are so many models available based on merchandising rights. The rarest PEZ dispenser, Astronaut B, sold on eBay for $32k!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures (1980s) – $5k

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were introduced to the world through a series of comic books by Mirage Studios. After being expanded into a television series, the hit animated franchise would take off. Now, decades later, collectors are still starving for the authentic TMNT action figures from the 80s. Individual pieces can go for $600 with the rarer toys being valued at nearly $5k!

Mint Condition Game Boy Classics – $1,500

As a child who got to watch video games blossom before his eyes, holding the original Game Boy was a moment that I will never forget. At the time, the Game Boy was considered a revolutionary piece of technology. Now outdated and larger than a tablet (I jest), collectors are still going wild over the handheld gaming units. You can sell your Game Boy Classic for hundreds of dollars with Game Boy Light models selling for nearly $1.5k.

Assorted McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – $300

In a genius move to inspire more childhood obesity, McDonald’s added a little toy to their Happy meals. Since 1979, McDonald’s has been working with brands from all over the planet to market special, rare, and unique little toys. The most popular and heralded Happy Meal toys date back to the early 00s when Disney themed characters were all the rage. Head to eBay to see how much these toys are actually worth!

Original Sega Genesis Console – $2k

At one point in time, Nintendo and Sega were going head to head for the same share of the video gaming market. Even though Nintendo won its place as the top dog in the competition, the original Sega Genesis console still stands the test of time. Nowadays, if you want to get a hold of the original model, new and in its box, you had better be ready to fork over $2k!

Classic Furby – $900

The first Furby toy was released in 1998 by Tiger Electronics. Thanks to its timely Holiday launch, the Furby became a ‘must-have’ toy en route to selling more than 40 million units across three years. The Classic Furby, released in 1998, can now be bought and sold for $900 provided that it is still in its original packaging.

Hot Wheels Collectibles – $125k

Since being introduced to the market in 1968, more than 4 million hot wheel toys have been created. Hot Wheels are known for their miniaturized yet realistic portrayal of real and fake vehicles. Hot Wheels toys can range in price and rarity with some of the most expensive models going for more than $125k. In fact, the Volkswagen Beach Bomb from 1969 is one of the most valuable pieces in the entire Hot Wheels collection.


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