19 Rare Photos Of the Clintons That Bill Doesn’t Want You To See

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As Hillary Clinton makes a run for president as head of the Democratic party, questions have been brought to bear on her husband Bill Clinton, the winner of two presidential terms in the 1990’s. Secrets continue to come to light about his presidential actions as shown in the following photographs.


1. Here Bill meets Monica Lewinsky for the first time. Their physical encounter later on would become the stuff of legend and later lead to an impeachment crisis that shadowed Clinton’s presidency and nearly ruined it.


2. Here the two pose together apparently quite innocently for a simple shot, unaware of how their meetings will affect history and the course of Clinton’s terms in office.


3. Bill smokes.  In this photograph, he can clearly be seen smoking, a habit he did not want the public to know about but continued to do while staying in the White House.


4. A wedding picture. In this picture, Bill and his wife are looking directly at the camera as they get married.


5. A romantic wedding picture of the two shows them looking awkward and uncomfortable in front the cameras, utterly unlike the pictures they would later present to the public instead.


6. This photo shows the two at Yale Law School. Bill has a beard that he would later cut while his future wife wears unflattering clothing.


7. Bill shakes hands with Donald Trump. Clinton can clearly be seen shaking the hands of the man he would later call an enemy after a friendly round of golf between the two.


8. Bill is drunk. In this picture, a red faced Bill Clinton has a close up taken when he’s obviously inebriated, despite denying to the public that he drinks at all.


9. Flirting with Monica. In yet another picture that obviously demonstrates his interaction with Monica Lewinsky on numerous occasions, he can clearly be seen flirting with the woman in public in a crowd.


10. Flirting with another mistress. Bill did not just have relations with Monica and his wife. Here, he has his arms around Elizabeth Hurley, another woman he is said to have had an affair with while in the White House.


11. Bill with Chelsea. Here, Bill cuddles awkwardly with his newborn daughter Chelsea, unsure how to hold her or how to interact with his wife.


12. Sloppy pictures. Despite the many retouched photographs showing them in a better light, here’s one where they are both seen looking quite sloppy and disheveled. The two are shown here warts and all with their usual lack of grooming in a public place.


13. Odd stares from both Bill and Hillary can be seen in this photo where the two seem unsure how to react to their new role as parents.


14. Another unflattering picture is shown here as the two Yale Law students pose with a friend. Bill is obviously not making grooming a priority of his with an ill kept beard as Hillary stands near him looking equally poorly groomed.


15. Here, he and his Vice President, Al Gore are seen attempting to stay in shape. Clinton is clearly out of shape and eating the fast foods that would lead him to serious heart trouble after he left office.


16. A truly ugly photograph shows Clinton with Hillary at the White House. He looks awkward while she shows off her poor taste in evening wear and highly uncomfortable body language.


17. Bill clutches the podium to speak publicly while Hillary looks away, obviously uncomfortable in front of a crowd and not sure how to stand.


18. Back in Arkansas while married. Clinton has finally shaved off his beard while his wife still retains her unflattering hair style and the clothing type that she would continue to wear for the rest of the decade here.


19. High fiving each other after Clinton was elected to public office in Arkansas. Both seem unsure how to be happy.


20. Running for governor. Here, he and Hillary seem unsure how to react when making a huge announcement in their lives about his future plans to run for governor. The two do not look happy at all.


21. Giving a press conference to the public. Neither Bill nor Hillary looks happy in this photograph taken while he was talking about an official run for the Arkansas governor’s office.


22. In this picture of the two allegedly in love, neither seems to be able to summon up much joy.


23. A red faced Bill Clinton tries to play football but only looks out of breath and out of shape.


24. Spending time with his mom and the stepdad he tried to ignore later in life.


25. Reacting to the public bombing of a building.


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