23 Rare Historic Photos That We Couldn’t Show Until Now

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History is full of amazing moments. Some of them have have even been captured on film. Here are a few those astonishing photographs that have not been seen until now.


1. Astronaut Charles Duke was part of 1972 moon mission where he explored the surface of the planet. As he left the moon forever, he dropped a picture of his entire family. The photograph is still there exactly as he left it.


2. A rare photograph shows the Statute of Liberty while it was still being constructed in France. People can still see inside the structure after they take a boat there from Manhattan.


3. Pablo Escobar stands in front of the White House as a tourist with his son grinning as both take a picture. The vicious drug king pin would later be arrested and convicted.


4. Evelyn McHale is shown in this photograph after her jump to her death from the Empire State Building and on to the top of a car parked below. Her suicide was later appropriated by pop artist Andy Warhol.


5. Here we see Afghanistan before the rise of the Taliban, a deeply sexist, extremist group reviled by people around the world. This photograph shows a time in Afghanistan when women were allowed the same rights as men rather than being relegated to the status of male property as they are today.


6. Two legends meet in this photograph as Helen Keller touches Charlie Chaplin’s face to the delight of both parties.


7. Another perspective on the Chinese protests at Tiananmen square is shown in this picture. The peaceful nature of this picture is startling today.


8. One Russian spy has decided to giggle right before he is being executed at gunpoint during Finland’s Winter War.


9. As the infamous ship Titanic slips into a watery grave, one intrepid person snapped a memorable picture of survivors getting aboard the Carpathia, the ship that rescued a significant number of passengers.


10. Tsar Nicholas II, murdered during the waning days of WWII, is shown here letting his youngest daughter, Anastasia, smoke. She would also be killed by the revolutionaries.


11. The world’s most famous portrait, the Mona Lisa, was stolen from France. It was later recovered, as seen here being returned to a museum in Paris. It is understandably under heavy glass today to prevent a similar theft.


12. Lewis Payne, part of the conspiracy to murder president Lincoln, is seen in this photograph before he was hanged. Payne did not attack Lincoln but brutally stabbed Secretary of State William Seward multiple times.


13. Presidents John F. Kennedy and Johnson can be seen touring Cape Canaveral, Florida during the height of the American space program.


14. In the last days of World War II, soldiers laugh and grim as the mock the fall of German leader Adolph Hitler from atop the Reich Chancellery building.


15. A highly realistic looking mannequin can be seen here at a Nevadan atomic bomb test site.


16. As Saigon falls, one man elbows his way past others and on to a place on the last American chopper out of the city during that time.


17. All four members of the Beatles get together for a photo shoot of their Abbey Road album. It was one of the last times when the group would be seen together in person in the United Kingdom before they split up.


18. Before she was Queen, she was a princess. Here, a young Princess Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth II, is shown as a mechanic doing her part to help out during WWII.


19. The famous Lion’s roar is part of every MGM film since the company was founded. Several people are shown carefully filming the actual lion’s roar in a studio that was used by the movie studio.


20. Murderer Osama Bin Laden was fond of travel abroad before masterminding an attack on New York, as can be seen in this picture with his family.


21. A rare early photograph shows the inauguration of president Lincoln.


22. John Lennon’s trademark glasses were on his person when he was assassinated. The cracked lens on the right makes a poignant reminder of his brutal killing.


23. The American oil crisis of the mid-1970’s led to Americans driving much less. While no one would dare try this today, one group holds a picnic on what would normally be a busy highway. The road is nearly free from any cars.


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