After Adopting Triplets, This Couple Received News from Their Doctor That Changed Everything

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At times, destiny can bring you an unforeseen circumstance. This is especially true for Andy and Sarah, an Oklahoma couple who had desperately longed to become parents for years. After several unsuccessful efforts at conception, the couple decided they could consider adoption. Still, like the three years they waited for conception, the process of adoption was also frustrating. Yet, the couple pressed on, and they were offered an opportunity to adopt not just one or two, but three babies. After the birth of the triplets, something unthinkable befallen.

A Family of Two

Andy Justice and Sarah loved their life together and were happy. They wanted to build a family and become parents. After years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive, the couple decided to consider adoption. After a long process, they finally adopted babies. You will be surprised by the real-life story that happened after the adoption.

Pregnancy Distress

After being married for three years, the couple felt that they were missing something. Unfortunately, it was not easy for the Justices to have babies. They tried to have a baby for three years through natural conception without success. It was difficult, but they decided to try another option. The couple decided to search for a fertility specialist. 

Fertility Doctor

The Justices resided in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When they decided to visit a fertility doctor, they had trouble getting a good fertility doctor in their area. However, they found a specialist who could assist them conceive a baby, but there were still inconveniences. The fertility doctor they wanted was in St. Louis, Missouri. Although the distance was an issue, Andy and Sarah were determined to get kids and would not let that block their way.

Additional Bad News

Going to Missouri for fertility therapy was a great mission for Andy and Sarah. In the year 2014, the couple visited the doctor’s office in Missouri. They were very determined to get pregnant that they took a six-hour journey to get to the fertility specialist in Missouri. Unfortunately, when they arrived at the doctor’s office, the Justices received more bad news. The treatment was not successful, and it appeared that nothing could make Sarah pregnant.

In Vitro

The doctor had some disgusting news for the couple. The specialist told the Justices that even if they were ideal candidates for in-vitro impregnation, their chances of conceiving were still ten percent. Also, the in-vitro process was more aggressive than the couple expected. Apart from being invasive, in-vitro conception was also extremely expensive. The high prices and the low likelihood of the couple getting pregnant made them to consider another option. Still, the couple was not unlucky. Although the first and second plans did not work, they were ready to try a third option. Adoption was the next logical alternative.


The Justices would stop at nothing to get children. Since Andy and Sarah wanted to become parents more than ever, they decided to start the adoption process. As you might know, the process can become frustrating at times. Before getting a child to adopt, the couple had to register with an adoption agency. Then the agency had to review their application before accepting the application. After accepting the application, the Justices had to conduct a home study.


After applying to an agency and undergoing a home study, the next process was an interview. Thinking about the interview makes most people anxious, but it is a big part of the adoption processing. Andy and Sarah had to undergo several interviews with the prospective mothers of the babies. The interviews would be used to determine whether the couple could be able to adopt a child. By the end of the process, Andy and Sarah were exhausted. Sadly, their struggle was not over.

The Process

After a tedious interview process, the couple got some good news. One mother accepted to give them her baby. They supported the birth mother throughout her pregnancy as they could not wait to meet their new member of the family. Unfortunately, their dream of getting a child took a turn to the worst.


When the couple thought they were done waiting for their new family member, the birth mother decided to keep her baby, and the sad news completely destroyed Andy and Sarah. Even though they were heartbroken, they moved on and tried again. The persistent couple was not ready to give up since they understood what it means to be parents.

Letting Go

Still, at the middle of disappointment, the Justices decided to hold on to the adoption process. They contacted the adoption agency once again to let them know that they were still willing to adopt. The couple went for another interview and found a birthmother who was willing to give them her baby. Again, as she continued with her pregnancy, she decided to keep her baby at the last moments.

One Last Chance

Just at the time when Andy and Sarah were at their lowest, they received a call that would change the course of their life. The agency called to let them know that there was a pregnant mother who chose them to be the parents of her unborn baby. There was something about this woman that appeared promising.


The couple met with their birth mother and she even invited them to her ultrasound appointment. While at the doctor’s appointment, something strange showed up on the scan. Initially, Andy and Sarah were nervous, but the surprise was good this time. Everything appeared normal and the babies were healthy! The doctor saw three separate heartbeats on the ultrasound monitor.

Nobody Expected the Outcome

Both the couple and the birth mother were shocked when they saw three separate hearts beating. They were struggling to get one child, so three babies appeared like a dream. They would not back down now. They knew that those three children were meant to be part of their family and decided to continue with the adoption.

A Family of Five

On May 2013, Andy and Sarah finally met their new family members. The birth mother went into labor eight weeks early. After long hours of hard labor, the mother delivered three tiny triplets. The triplets, Elizabeth, Joel, and Hannah, were ready to meet their new parents.

Sarah is Pregnant

One week after the birth of the triplets, Sarah started feeling unwell. She decided to visit a doctor to check on her wellness. The new mother wanted to ensure that she was healthy for her triplets when they come home. The doctor examined her and tested her for different diseases and found out that she was not sick. After several tests, the doctor discovered that Sarah was pregnant. The news were almost unbelievable. After many years of trying to get pregnant, she finally got pregnant one week after adopting the triplets.


The doctor informed Sarah that she was pregnant with yet another set of babies. The new mother of triplets was now pregnant with twins after many years of thinking that she was barren. However, the couple took the challenge and found the positive in it.

A Family of Seven

After a few months when the couple were getting used to life with the triplets, Sarah delivered her new twins, Abigail and Andrew. All, went well and the Justices were happy and ready to move on with five babies. Life with five kids was a big change.

Feeding a Large Family

Luckily, with the help of friends, family, and the community, Andy and Sarah had all the support they needed. As the couple adjusted to a life with less sleep, community members came to their rescue in the hour of need. The members were ready to assist by donating food to the family. They cooked meals for the family and even sent them baby formula.

Getting Along

It was unbelievable to see how the Sarah and Andy’s family played out. It started with the two of them trying to conceive naturally. Now they are in a very different place in their lives as a family. They share that they feel lucky that the kids go along well.


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