After Living In The Same Home For 72 Years, Two Realtors Help A 96-Year-Old Woman Unveil History!

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By all accounts and expectations, the housing market was getting ready to boom. Realtors Gladys and Carla Spizzirri, two sisters, were preparing for what would end up being the biggest professional year of their career. One morning, Gladys and Carla were contacted by a 96-year-old woman who owned a home in a gorgeous West Toronto neighborhood. This woman had owned the home for 72 years, and she was ready to sell. What did the realtors find when they stepped foot through the front doors?

A Slice Of History

The very idea of living inside one piece of property for 72 years may seem almost hard to understand, but that’s exactly what happened when Joyce moved into the property way back in 1942. Joyce had moved in as a teenager and it would become her marital home and that’s where she’d stay for almost her entire life. However, at 96 years old, Joyce knew that it was time to get into an assisted living facility. While she was as focused as ever, she knew that she needed a little help getting around.



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