Airport Events That Made EVERYONE Stop and Stare!

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You don’t have to be a frequent flyer to understand that airports can be interesting, to say the least. From public proposals to soldiers returning home to their families, some of the most emotional moments that you will ever see happen every day at your local airport. Today, we are going to take you through some of the most fascinating events to ever happen at an airport! Keep on reading, by the end of our trip, you will be ready to book your next flight! 

Flying With the Birds

Let’s just say that if we hopped onto this plane, we’d be looking to hop right off! This stunning photograph was taken on an airplane traveling with a Saudi Prince from the United Arab Emirates. The birds you are looking at are falcons with their eyes covered. This takes ‘migration’ to a whole other level!

Tinder’s Gone Too Far

Listen, we are all in on trying new dating techniques. With that being said, this fellow is really pushing the limits when it comes to being innovative.  What really gets us going about this picture is wondering who this gentleman was waiting for. His significant other? The first person to respond positively to the sign? There are so many questions and so few answers.

Giant Airport Facepalm

Mokie always said that his family was a little embarrassing, but we didn’t think it would be this bad! Who knew that getting off of your airplane could give you flashbacks to high school? Holding up the giant face is Mokie’s best friend. Mokie’s friend found a picture of his buddy eating and, well, the rest is (airport) history.

Too Late To Turn Back?

Do you know what the scariest thing to see is when your plane is landing? Well, if you ever landed at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow, you might have an idea! This stunning photograph shows the skeletal remains of Dagestan Airlines Flight 37. Engine failure would bring the plane down, resulting in the loss of two lives, both pilots.

A Family Welcome

One of the hardest things about serving your country is leaving your family behind. Soldiers that go on protracted deployments can end up missing important moments like the birth of their children! This heartwarming photo shows just how long our brave men and women can leave home behind.

Airport Puppy Bathroom

Traveling with animals can be difficult in the best of situations. Add into the fact that your dog will need to take a potty break and, well, an airport can become very daunting. This amazing airport installed a special ‘Pet Relief’ area for dogs to get their ‘outdoor business’ taken care of while waiting for their flight.

Coronavirus in Shambles

You don’t have to work for the CDC to understand that airports can be ground zero for the spread of contagious illness. This passenger decided that they were going to spare no expense in order to avoid getting sick. At what point should you consider just getting a hazmat suit?

One Baby Sized Bin Please

We aren’t sure if it is harder to travel with a toddler or a baby, but this lady looks like she has dealt with both. Unpredictable children can make airports a quagmire of noise, but great parents like this one will make do with what they have. Hopefully, this momma was just letting her baby rest while she took off her shoes.

The Ultimate Airport Selfie

Social media has changed the world in too many ways for us to discuss in such a short space of time. Suffice to say, this shot of pilot Daniel Centeno is certainly the embodiment of the social media age! This amazing selfie was taken above the Palm in Dubai. How far would you go to get the ultimate profile pic?

Nine Month Deployment

If you thought Carly Rae Jepsen memes were over with, you thought wrong! In the wide world of ‘welcome home signs’, this one is certainly a throwback. Who wouldn’t want to be welcomed home by their happy and healthy newborn baby girl?

Too Much Information

The next time that you welcome your family home at the airport, use this amazing sign as inspiration. This family decided to play a little prank on the matriarch of the family by holding up a few questionable signs. When she first got off the plane, we bet that she did everything possible to get those signs taken down fast!

Totally Legible Airport Sign

This airport sign is as adorable as it is illegible. This six-year-old wanted to give her grandma and grandpa a warm welcome home, so she decided to put together a sign. We don’t know how to translate hieroglyphics, so we are going to let you guys translate this one for us! Still, we’re going to give her some brownie points for putting in the effort.

Dealing With National Disasters

When natural disasters strike, travel and infrastructure will suffer almost immediately. These hopeful passengers were trying to get a flight back home to Asia. Unfortunately, terrible flying conditions would leave them grounded for over a day. With nowhere to stay and nowhere to sleep, this family decided to make do with what they had.,

Fly, Forrest, Fly

Forrest Gump is one of the best movies ever made, and we are willing to die on that hill. As one of the most iconic characters in cinema history, this Forrest Gump lookalike was sure to get a few extra glances while at the Nashville International Airport. Was this Gump-imposter on the lookout for his Jenny or was he trying to figure out where his box of chocolates went?

Balto is Her Hero

Did you know that airports have an issue with wild animals getting on the runway? When animals interfere with planes in the process of taking off, potentially dire circumstances can manifest. The Cherry Capital Airport has gotten around this issue by deploying its own security dog, a Border Collie named Piper! When Piper is on the job, animals know to stay away!

A Beautiful Moment

We are romantics at heart, so airport proposals hit us right in the feels. What could be more enjoyable to watch than two loving souls joining together? The smiling onlookers just make this photo even easier to cherish. Whoever these happy folks are, we hope life is treating them well!

Red Eye Vibes

Traveling isn’t enjoyable in the best of circumstances, so this picture sort of sums it all up for us. If you’ve ever had to take a red-eye flight, you know how it feels to be overwhelmingly tired, uncomfortable, and ready to be on your plane. This little girl seems like she is about ready to be home!

Report For Booty

It can be hard to be separated from your loved ones, especially when your loved one serves in the armed forces. For those willing to make those sacrifices, moments like this must feel amazing. This soldier’s girlfriend sure seems like she ‘gets’ what her husband wants to see when he gets off of the plane! 


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