Mom Suddenly Vanishes: The Search Exposes Her Double Life

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As a good mother, Paige worked hard to make sure her children were taken care of well. Being industrious, she did many different things to make money, such as selling cooking and nursing supplies, running dance studios for children, and managing several businesses.

Rob was not Paige’s first marriage. Her first marriage was to her high school sweetheart, Howard Ron Biegler. The two remained friends over the years. Following her divorce, their friendship bloomed into love again. With the fires rekindled, they decided to go on a post-divorce first date.

On June 28, 2007, they settled on a romantic picnic meeting in Eagle, Colorado. Their date ran into the evening before Paige decided it was time to head home.

Paige planned to make it home early enough to put her children to bed. Howard called Paige around 9:00 p.m. to check in. She reported all was well and was almost home.

Paige’s children became increasingly worried as the night passed. About 11:00 p.m. her daughter called Paige’s cell and left a distressed voicemail asking for her mother to call. Everyone was worried.

The Thursday night of worry turned to panic by Friday morning. The day passed without word, and by Saturday the family filed a missing person’s report. Her children, Howard, and even her ex-husband Rob all left frantic messages desperately trying to reach Paige.

Paige’s father Frank was surprised by a call from the police looking for his missing daughter. Her parents traveled from Denver to take care of the children and help look for Paige.

Police were baffled trying to figure out how this loving mother vanished. No one believed she would abandon her three children. During the search, Paige’s brother moved from Seattle take care of her children (Jess 8, Taft 6, and Kohl 3).

No movement in the case happened for days. The police realized that on July 1, 2007, a red Ford Focus was found burning in an empty parking lot three miles from Paige’s home. Her burned car only deepened the mystery.

Expecting to find Paige’s body in the car, the police found nothing. The vehicle only deepened the mystery because there were few belongings and no Paige. They did find her day planner and had hopes of finding clues of where she had been or planned to go.

The planner showed Paige was an organized person and while it survived the fire relatively well, the last four pages were torn out. Leaving police to suspect that someone did not want anyone to find out who she was to meet on those days. Further, the driver’s seat was moved all the way back, and Paige was not a tall enough woman to safely drive the car.

With the hint that Paige might not have been alone on her drive home, the police began a search of the area in hopes of finding her. The search expanded from Grand Junction to Mesa County. Search crews, police, rescue dogs, volunteers, and even divers for the Gunnison River went to work scouring the county for missing Paige.

The search seemed hopeless. Finally, searchers found small items from Paige’s purse littered across Highway 50. They found her checkbook, a video checkout card, and her children’s medical cards. While it brought the search no closer to finding her, it did raise more questions.

During this time, the police were also searching her phone records and ruled both of her ex-husbands out. On the night of her disappearance, Paige called a number that was unknown to everyone. This unknown number was the thread that began to unravel Paige’s double life.

The mysterious number ended at a man named “Jim,” and he knew Paige as Carrie. Now everyone was mystified. Why was she calling herself Carrie, and what business did she have with Jim? Phone records indicated that she had contact with Jim more than once before she vanished.

Police went to work finding out Jim’s true identity. After careful investigation, they learned his real name was Lester Jones. His place of employment was across from the parking lot where Paige’s car was found burning. But what was the connection? A raid of his workplace brought more answers as they uncovered lists of various escorts, their descriptions, and multiple sex-related items.

Paige’s secret life surfaced. The wholesome picture Paige painted for everyone was not entirely as presented. By day a dutiful mother and by night Carrie the escort, which explained her late-night disappearances after the children were asleep.

Police discovered more ads for Carrie with a variety of nude photos and services Paige offered. Her family was stunned, as you might imagine! After the shock settled in, the family was sure she only did it to provide for her children.

In the spring of 2012, a hiker found Paige’s remains in Wells Gulch about a 40-minute drive from Grand Junction. Her skull was found with duct tape around her mouth and other evidence of her untimely demise. No cause of death could be determined.

Lester Jones was arrested in 2014 and went to trial in August 2016. It was ruled a mistrial because the jury could not agree on a verdict. Two months later, he was retired and convicted. He received a life sentence. Paige’s family continues to remember her as a good mother.


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