Most Travel Restricted Places in the World

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Did you know that there are places in the world where you are not allowed to visit? Not just you, but also people who you think have the right and the resources to visit anywhere anytime. People like head of states and the wealthy. Some of these places are top secret government locations while others are sacred places. Let has have a look 15 most restricted places in the world.

Lascaux Caves
Imagine your eight old self in one of you adventures discovering a cave full of treasure paintings that are up to 17,000 years old. Well, the Lascaux caves were discovered by an 8-year-old boy in 1940. The caves remained open for 7 years but were closed to the public because the exposure caused damage the Paleolithic paintings. Unfortunately, the damage has continued and the paintings continue to degrade.


Fort Knox Us Bullion Depository, US
This location has served a variety of purposes throughout the American history. During the world war 2 and the cold war it is believed to have housed opium and synthetic painkillers because US did not have its own supply and it feared that its opponents could cut down the supply.

Fort Knox Us Bullion Depository houses about 2.5% of the world’s refined gold reserves. This may may sound like a small percentage but it is the highest amount of gold in one country in the world. We can never be too sure what is held in the building though. Maybe it holds alien space ships.


Ise, Japan
Ise hosts over 100 shrines, numerous spiritual and sacred objects all in honor of goddess Amaterasu-Omikami. The shrines have existed since 4BC and the goddess choose the location herself. It is guarded by Japanese military and only the royal priest and priestesses are allowed in. If you insist to visit Ise, go ahead and catch a view of the thatched roofs of the structures.


The Snake Island, Brazil
Have you heard of snake venom that melts human flesh? Most likely you do not want to experience that. The Island is believed to be home to 4000 species of the world’s most poisonous and deadliest snakes.


Queen’s bedroom, Buckingham
The Queen’s bedroom within the Buckingham palace is greatly fortified to ensure no unauthorized person gets in. However, despite the high level security, Michael Fagan somehow managed to sneak into the bedroom 1982.


Coca Cola company vault
It is believed that the vault holds the secret coca cola recipe. The vault uses sophisticated technology to ensure that the secret recipe remains heavily guarded.


North Sentinel Island, India
The North Sentinel Island is home to about 200 natives from a small tribe who live alone in this isolated location. The Indian government declared the location off limits and the natives vehemently protect it to the extent of using fire arrows.


Bohemian Grove, California
This has been a secret location for the world’s elite for over 150 years. Some of the meetings that have been held on this location saw the development of atomic bombs. Note that women are not allowed here.


Heard Island Volcano, Australia
This is probably top on the list of top 50 most beautiful places in the world but you will never enjoy its magnificent sites. Over 350 square miles of the area is covered by mountains. It is home to over 40 glaciers, a wide array of wildlife, birds and sea life including penguins and seals. However, visiting it is too dangerous an adventure. The mountains are believed to be active volcanos, the weather is for the most part unbearable and it is two weeks away from any other location.


Tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, China
The tomb is a dream location for archeologists and historians. The remains of china’s first emperor have been buried deep in the hill since 210BC. The emperor was so respected that the tomb is surrounded by caverns of all the things he would need in his afterlife including clay animations of his family, senior army members, servants and horses. The Chinese government does not allow excavations to the tomb.


Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado
The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a military base that is believed to house sophisticated US security commands and technology. It is built 610 meters under granite. It is one of the most protected places in the world with every measure taken to protect it against natural disasters. It can withstand extreme nuclear and atomic explosions.


Woomera Prohibited Area, Adelaide, Australia
The weapon testing area covers over 120,000 square kilometers. It owned and run by the Australian Air Force. It has previously been used as a nuclear weapon testing ground by the British Army. There are claims that the testing ground sits on mineral elements worthy billions of dollars. Could this be a way of protecting the minerals?


Banhof, Sweden
Heard of wikileaks? Bet you have. Banhof is the place that all those dirty secrets that wikileaks releases are hidden. Bahnof’s center one of Sweden’s top internet service provider and data center which is built inside the Stockholm white mountains. The entrance to the data center is a steel door that can withstand nuclear attack.


Mount Athos, Greece
The mountain has been inhabited for centuries by monks. It considered a holy ground by the Greek Orthodox church. Women are strictly prohibited from visiting the Island and mountains as they may just cause monks to break their celibacy. Men are not readily allowed in either. Only few individuals with a permit are allowed in.


Have you seen those movies based on the lives of a few natives who live in excluded locations. Well, such people and locations actually exist. Niihau is located approximately 15miles southwest of Kauai with a population of less than 200 people. The only way to visit the island is if you are a relative to one of the natives or you are a member of the US Navy.



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