Rare Photo: Inside a Nazi Christmas Party

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Adolf Hitler and dozens of other Nazi officials celebrate a Christmas party Lowenbraukeller restaurant in Munich.
The photo was taken on 18th December 1941 during the World War II at a Christmas party in Munich and Adolf Hitler, the Nazi leader, presided the occasion among other top officers and cadets. The images were taken by Hugo Jaeger who worked as Adolf Hitler?s personal photographer. The photo which were found at a bank vault were first buried by Mr. Jaeger in a glass jar for a decade between the end of the war period to 1955.


The party was however different from the traditional Christmas that we know, the Nazi called it the winter solstice celebrations. Immediately after the Nazi took power in 1933, Christmas festival Julfest was changed to winter solstice to match the Nazi believes and ideologies which they tied to German origins and traditions. Various traditional Christmas symbols represented several other Nazi ideologies to symbolize Germanic traditions.

They implied that Christmas Eve was the celebration of the ?rebirth of sun? and winter solstice and that the swastika was the sun?s symbol. Christmas tree or as it was named in German and Christbaum was changed to fir tree or light tree in a press. The star that is usually placed at the top was replaced with swastika and ?Silent Night? words revised to make no reference on religious or Godly basis. The hymn ?Unto Us a Time Has come? replaced the words to completely eradicate any religious references as well.

Adolf Hitler presiding over the party

Tens of Nazi officers enjoying the meal during the party
Mary and Jesus were replaced to portray a blonde mother and a baby and the Santa Claus was believed to be Germanic god Odin. The Nazis even made holiday posters to represent Odin with a sagging hat and thick gray beard carrying gifts in a sack while riding on a white charger. To completely instill their ideologies to the Germans, the Nazis claimed that the Christians Content themselves had overlaid their religious elements on Christmas party symbols and celebrations based on the ancient Germanic traditions.


Dozens of Nazi soldiers during the party

Waffen SS (or Schutzstaffel) officers cadets keenly follow the proceedings during the party.

Adolf Hitler on a hard thought during the party and just behind him is a swastika symbol which replaced angels.
Adolf Hitler and his other top Nazi officials had completely changed the Christmas party meaning and symbols. German wives were required to bake biscuits in shapes that resembled birds, swastikas and wheels to their children. The SS members were given the Julleuchter, a Germanic candlestick ornate by their leader and one time Hitler?s strongmen Heinrich Himmler, who was the chief of police and also served as interior minister. This gift symbol served as a sign of appreciation for the good services provided by the SS members. These images are color-enhanced and the party celebrations indicated the strongest belief by the Nazis who believed that the 1000-year Reich had completely replaced the religious believes.


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