Real Wild Life Photos Captured By Trail Cams

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Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor sports ever. You get in touch with nature,  breathe pure air… sometimes you can see a furry friend and if you are lucky enough, you might take a spectacular photo that will make your social networks look much more cooler. Thanks to technology, we can document from start to finish any adventure we can have.

However, there are people that use a trail camera with night vision to keep their camp safe from any nocturnal guests; or to track any kind of animal if they are studying or hunting them. If you go down that road you should know that most of the times you will fail to capture anything good. But sometimes, you might manage to catch a wonderful moment that could blow your mind.

Come and check some real wild life photos captured by trail cams that you won’t forget. Some are scary, some funny, but I can assure you: all of them are unexpected

Oh my Deer!


In this photo we can see a deer that has a barrel stuck between his horns. The question we must ask ourselves is what kind of impact are we leaving in the world that accidents like this usually happen?

Hopefully Bambi has found someone to help him out of this mess …

A cute headdress for a cute deer!

This photo makes me think of the headdresses that English women usually wear at upper-class social gatherings.

I hope this cute buck has been able to get a young deer to help him remove the branches from his head. It should not be easy to get used to your growing horns, everything seems to get stuck in them.

A 1,000 pounds of brute force


Imagine for a second that you are walking through the woods with the whole family and suddenly you become lunch for a brown bear speeding towards you. I’m sure this is one of those instances you don’t wish you were there.

A Creepy meeting in the woods.

I don’t know why but this photo makes my skin crawl. Somehow I find the scene really creepy, like something out of a horror movie. Surely the whole herd of deer were curious to see that it was that device that illuminated them in the middle of the night.

It is dinner time!


How fast and silent otters can be! This otter took this baby gator from its terrifying mother.

Crocodile mothers are usually very protective of their babies, and there are many known cases in which they usually attack without warning when they feel their nest is in danger. So this photo must be without a doubt, one of the rarest and most exciting ever captured in camera.

Watch your back!


When you think of owls, you do not usually picture them frightening… After seeing this picture, you might want to rethink that. This owl is aiming to kill.

Does this hungry bird really believe that she is going to be able to kill and carry such a heavy deer?

There is not middle-terms when it comes to Eagles

It is very difficult to observe a bald eagle in its natural habitat, since these intimidating birds dwell usually at high altitudes and are known to be extremely aggressive and temperamental. But to see a bald eagle and an imperial eagle fight to death is something that is not seen every day.

In fact, This is such a rare event that makes this photo one of the most incredible moments ever captured in camera.

The joke of the flying squirrel.

Let’s face it, this is one of the most hilarious photos out there.

This flying squirrel seems to be looking to attack the young buck, or maybe he wants to land on top of him. What we are sure of, is that this young deer will have the scare of his life when the squirrel touches him in the dark.

Say Cheese!

This selfie will surely go viral.

Our naughty little friend seems curious about the camera and has decided to find out if it is something he can eat, steal or destroy.

There is something about raccoons that always makes me laugh. Maybe it is because they are so naughty and funny that it’s inevitable to smile every time I see them.

Naughty guys in the neighborhood

These two trouble makers have crossed paths and it seems that the fox is willing to attack to defend its territory at any moment . We hope that these animals have not been injured and everyone has taken their path.

Raccoon Slumber party!

So this is the calm after the storm! It seems that these raccoons had a hectic night and it is time to go to rest and chill out. I am very sure that somewhere near the city, there is a great food disaster caused by these little rascals.

There’s nothing better than fox puppies


Foxes have a reputation for being very clever, cautious, elusive and excellent hunters, but we must not deny that they are very beautiful animals and when we have the change to see a mother feeding her little cubs, our heart melts.

This is a very rare photo and we feel privileged to be able to see it, since this scene is almost impossible to shoot. The foxes would not leave anyone so close to their babies, let alone lower their guard and enjoy the moment.

Taking my cat for a ride


Yes, you are not confused. There is a cat resting on the back of the buffalo, while he takes a walk. Surely, the buffalo has not realized that he has a feline sitting in his derriere, but we are glad that he passed by the camera to immortalize this moment.

Bloody night


We have no idea what happened to this deer, but he seems to be in perfect condition, so maybe he has defended himself from some predator and won the fight by leaving his antlers full of the enemy’s blood, or is the mating season and has had a fight with another male for the right to mate.

The truth is that it is very impressive to see the amount of blood in the horns of this beautiful animal.


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