Rescue Dogs Become Best Friends & Find Forever Home Together

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There is no closer or more loyal friend than that of a loving dog. Filled with joy and ready to help you feel better whenever in need, dogs really are man’s best friend. Did you know that dogs can also show huge hearts and caring nature for one another? Today, we are going to take you down the heartwarming journey of two rescue dogs that bonded and refused to leave one another’s side. Keep your tissues ready, this story is a tearjerker!

The Heartwarming Journey of Taco and Merrill

Our story begins in October 2014 at the Rocket Dog Rescue shelter in San Francisco, CA. On a day just like any other, the team at Rocket Dog Rescue received a pair of animals from their owner, a pit bull terrier girl named Merrill and a male Chihuahua named Taco. The owner dropped the dogs off together, saying that they could not take care of them any longer.

Arrival at Rocket Dog Rescue

After Taco and Merrill were dropped off at Rocket Dog Rescue, it quickly became clear that they were the best of friends. The two dogs would refuse to leave one another’s side for even a moment! After scratching their heads over the problem, the animal rescue group knew that they might have to separate the two dogs. It would break their hearts, but they realized that adopting two dogs to the same owner was exceedingly rare.

Glued to One Another

Despite understanding that they would be separated, the team at Rocket Dog Rescue couldn’t help but be touched by the way that Merrill and Taco had bonded. Rocket Dog Rescue began to share photos of the dogs on Facebook with captions imploring visitors to come by to adopt.

Merrill Runs Into Sudden Health Problems

Unfortunately, Merrill and Taco weren’t able to find a home immediately and more problems were to come. After looking over Merrill’s condition, the veterinarians at Rocket Dog Rescue would find out that the pit bull terrier was a three-year-old breeding dog in really bad shape. Could this be why the dog’s owner had given her up?

Taco Refuses to Leave Merrill’s Side

The veterinarians at Rocket Dog Rescue knew that they had to act quickly. What they didn’t realize was how close Taco was to Merrill! The eight-year-old Chihuahua refused to leave his best friend’s side, even when the vets tried to take Merrill for his operation! Taco didn’t have to worry long, as Merrill was in and out of the operating room with a successful surgery. Merrill was going to be just fine!

A Surprising Fear Emerges

While the great news about Merrill’s health was celebrated, other fears started to emerge. Several potential families had stopped by to see Merrill and Taco. One man even went so far as to begin the paperwork process for the pit bull terrier.  With the story seemingly over, nobody could have predicted what would happen next.

Merrill Can’t Leave Taco Behind

After filling out the adoption forms, the man went to retrieve Merrill from his kennel. When Merrill was taken from the cage away from Taco, both dogs began to cry and panic. The new owner was confused and in shock by what was going on. Merrill and Taco were so close that it would be impossible to separate them.

Listing Merrill and Taco Together

While the man had wanted to take Merrill home, he knew that it would break his heart to separate the two dogs. Knowing that he couldn’t take both animals, the man decided to leave Merrill to find a home alongside Taco. Rocket Dog Rescue immediately started listing the dogs together online. Maybe they could find an owner that was looking for TWO amazing dogs!

The Good Doggos Go Viral

Voila! As it turns out, the internet loves unlikely pairings when it comes to animals. Merrill and Taco quickly became internet superstars thanks to their viral listings. The listing described that Merrill and Taco had to be adopted together. It was quickly shared and cross posted more than 26 thousand times! It was almost a certainty that a loving family would find Merrill and Taco together!

A Family Arrives to Save the Day

The internet came to the rescue, literally! After Merrill and Taco went viral, a family decided to come and see the dogs. Rocket Dog Rescue was ecstatic as they had been posting constant updates about Merrill and Taco. Thankfully, the family loved the two dogs and paperwork was soon being processed.

Taco’s Age Starts Catching Up

Transitioning to their forever home was a breeze, Taco and Merrill loved their new family! Unfortunately, Taco’s advanced age immediately began to portray concern. The Chihuahua had lived a hard life and was already over eight years old. 

A Heartbreaking Trip to the Vet

The family from San Jose knew that they needed to give Taco medical assistance. They brought the little dog to a veterinarian before finding out that the dog had asthma and dental disease. These issues had manifested due to the prior owner’s lack of care. The family was furious at how their loving dogs had been treated.

Taco Overcomes All Odds to Heal

After about a month, the family knew that Taco needed real assistance. They brought the adorable little pup to the vet again, only this time the vet came to a shocking conclusion. Taco had been dealing with heart failure! Taco’s enlarged heart was causing problems for the dog and Taco needed medication immediately.

Best Friends in a Forever Home

Thankfully, the timely vet visit coupled with attentive care and the appropriate medication would lead Taco out of the woods. Thanks to the exceptional care of his family, Taco was able to recover to enjoy more time with his best friend Merrill.

Becoming Social Media Stars

Now fully healthy, Taco and Merrill seemed to acclimate overnight to their new family and home. The family from San Jose would create a Facebook page titled Merrill & Taco in order to post updates on the viral doggos. If you ever want to see what true companionship looks like, take a moment to browse the page!

The Perfect Family Pup

Merrill’s youth and vitality seemed to couple perfectly with Taco’s old soul and relaxed attitude. No matter where either dog went, the other would follow. Who knew that such a loving bond could be forged in such dire circumstances? 

One Year Later With Taco and Merrill

From being neglected by their owner to being homeless at Rocket Dog Rescue, the journey that Taco and Merrill took was all but awe-inspiring. The two dogs overcame all odds in order to stay together, survive sudden health ailments, and find their forever home. What’s more, the two dogs became internet celebrities along the way. Who could be unhappy with this outcome?

Adopt a Rescue Today

Every single day, rescue dogs all over the country have to do without. If you want a loving best friend and furry companion, now is the perfect time to visit your local animal shelter. Adopt a rescue today and make a difference!


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