The Real Net Worth Of A-List Ladies

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These women are more than a pretty face. They are fine examples for independent, powerful, and strong women who have appeared on Forbes Magazine’s highest-paid list more than one occasion. Here are girls who run the world.

Brooke Shields ($25 million)

Brooke had high hopes of becoming a famous actress in Hollywood but was unable to escape her image of innocence and youth. She was able to take advantage of that and now is enjoying a luxury life.

Celine Dion ($630 million)

After her success of Titanic’s theme, the life Celine has been full of drama, especially when her father and husband passed away in the same year. However, the Canadian singer never gave up and keep amaze us with her incredible talent. Certainly, this is why she always had full booked concerts in Las Vegas for many years.

Sandra Bullock ($200 million)

Sandra was highly acclaimed for her excellent performance on The Blind Side, where she has portrayed her character with an uncanny and striking resemblance to the real person she wanted to imitate. Also, her performance on Gravity impressed so many with her talent and amazing professionalism.

Nicole Kidman ($130 million)

There is no doubt that Nicole Kidman is one of Hollywood’s greatest stars. But now, besides of her big roles on the silver screen, she has recently appeared on TV.

Rihanna ($160 million)

Rihanna has changed her image so many times but her unique voice doesn’t and that’s the main reason of why she shines from the rest. The 29-year-old babe from Barbados has managed to keep on the top of worldwide charts and associate with the heaviest names in the industry.

Christina Aguilera ($130 million)

She has broken many of her own records after her “Genie In A Bottle days”. And recently, she has been added as a judge in a reality TV thanks to her impressive career as singer and actress.

Angeline Jolie ($200 million)

Everybody wept when heard the sad news of Angeline’s separation after tying the knot with such dreamy man as Brad Pitt. But her fame and success are not limited to that; a woman of her talent has made millions from blockbuster films and also she is a known philanthropist and a human rights activist.

Danielle Steel ($310 million)

The controversial author of “50 Shades of Grey” has sold 100 million copies worldwide. However, not so many people know that the author has actually written more than 100 books on her career. In fact, she is considered the richest living author in the world.

Ellen DeGeneres ($330 million)

Ellen has become the current sovereign of TV daytime talk shows when she presented an easy-going personality and positive attitude in front of the cameras. Besides, she is the face of LGBT rights and she is remembered for being the voice of Dory in a Pixar film.

Jennifer Aniston ($150 million)

More than 10 years have passed since the last episode of “Friends” aired. The sitcom gave her a shocking $1 million per episode, but Jennifer has known how to move forward and now has been able to find bigger things in the film industry.

Beyonce ($265 million)

Beyonce is not only a talented singer but also a feminist activist, clothing designer, a fruity perfume owner, Grammy-Award winner, and a Super Bowl performer. And as if it’s not enough for this multifaceted woman, she has signed a deal with Pepsi that exceeded $50 million.

Drew Barrymore ($150 million)

Anybody would remember her mesmerizing smile while watching 50 First Dates or Charlie’s Angels. However, there is more about Barrymore than you might think. She had a rough childhood which she explained and other aspects of her personal life on her best-selling autobiography.

Barbra Streisand ($370 million)

Her name precedes her. This actress/singer/songwriter/filmmaker has been active for 6 decades and still, she is capable to achieve success on every aspect that she wants to try.

Julia Louise-Dreyfus ($200 million)

Julia perfectly knows how is the taste of success since her role in “Seinfeld.” But in her most recent role in “Veep,” she has earned the big bucks. Receiving $150,000 per episode, and then she was offered another $275,000 per each episode she participated in “The New Adventures of Old Christine.”

Demi Moore ($150 million)

Her famous relationships with Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher were not the only reason Demi was constantly in the spotlight. Her tremendous acting talent displayed in “Ghost” and “GI Jane” is enough to always be remembered by many of her fans.

Mariah Carey ($520 million)

Mariah Carey is one of those names that are related to a big number of zeros in the industry. After being established as a famous singer since the early 90’s thanks to her unique vocal cords, Mariah is enjoying of more millions thanks to her American Idol show which increased her financial worth year after year.

Jennifer Lopez ($300 million)

Besides of her tremendous talent, Jennifer is currently making nearly $20 million per season as a judge on “American Idol”. The Latina star is the living example of the threat: she sings, she acts, and dance like no other.

Katy Perry ($200 million)

The talented singer has earned $135 million in concert sales. But Katy’s aims don’t end there; she is a philanthropist who has contributed to organizations which help to improve the lives of children. In fact, she became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Alicia Keys ($130 million)

Alicia Keys has been a woman who has been characterized by her sassy attitude and for that reason, she is a member of “The Voice.” In fact, her next season’s contract is assured but her tours where she can display her unique musical talent, produced her around $30 million alone.

Jessica Alba ($200 million)

One of Hollywood’s cutest faces has been active for some time and always is capable to participate in one blockbuster film after another (i.e. Good Luck Chuk, Fantastic 4, etc.). But now, Jessica has started “The Honest Company” which main purpose is to create non-toxic household products.

Judy Sheindlin ($290 million)

The law enforcer now turned into a TV personality has achieved not only the power of authority to keep street smarts to stay grounded, but also the personal finance to help her to make those important life-changing decisions. Besides of her success on television, Judge Judy has written several books.

Taylor Swift ($240 million)

Taylor used to give some importance to those who have spoken against her in the industry. But now, she seemed to get enough of that and decided to keep the focus on her successful career and the results of that: her Red Tour earned her $115 million. The numbers speak for themselves.

Madonna ($800 million)

There is no much to add about Madonna. Her 2012 tour sales gave a profit of $300 million. Besides, the Golden Globe-award winner also made a name in the movie industry when she made the lead role in Evita.

Oprah Winfrey ($3.2 billion)

Oprah Winfrey’s success is a great example of it doesn’t matter what life gives you, it’s what you can make of it. Growing up in poverty, Oprah has built an empire from nothing. She has her own production company, a lifestyle magazine, and a popular talk show. Besides, she also has accumulated wealth in investing in some properties around the country.

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen ($300 million)

Since her success in “Full House,” the Olsen twins have grown and bought a production company to start their own fashion label. After starring in many movies during her childhood and younghood, the inseparable sisters decided to focus on runways which mean profits.

Jami Gertz ($2 billion)

The 80’s actress decided to step aside in the entertainment industry to become a scent developer for Lanvin. This transition into the business world gave her most of her current wealth and, of course, also thanks to her billionaire husband and Atlanta Hawks owner, Tony Ressler.

Kim Kardashian ($150 million)

No matter if you love her or hate her, Kim is an icon and it was made possible thanks to the big sum of money she inherited from her later father who was OJ Simpson’s attorney. But it was her family’s reality show that really put her on the big numbers.

Jane Fonda ($125 million)

Jane is like a good wine, only gets better with age. She received a good sum when starred in some workout videos but it was her appearances on blockbuster films that really made her what she is today. She has won 4 Golden Globes, 2 BAFTA awards, and an Emmy. Definitely, no one knows what will be Jane’s next surprise.

Christy Walton ($6.1 billion)

Christy is the wife of John T. Walton, the Walmart successor who died in a plane crash. However, she has made name for her own. Contrary to her husband, Christy has invested a significant sum of money to altruistic causes and supporting the Walton Family Charitable Foundation.

Julia Roberts ($170 million)

Ironically, Julia confessed receiving a respectable sum of $300,000 for her role in Pretty Woman but thanks to her great talent she has been able to multiply that number. She is now making nearly $25 million for every big role in a movie.

Mama June ($1 million)

Parent of Alana Thompson (better known as Honey Boo Boo), Mama June gained some popularity in her participation on Toddlers & Tiaras. After several episodes, the family was hired to do a new show called “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” where June’s frank nature and way of living produced high ratings and, of course, high profits.

McKayla Maroney ($1 million)

McKayla Rose Maroney was a member of the USA women’s Gymnastics’ team that won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. Although she is a talented artistic gymnast, McKayla became famous thanks to a photo that displayed her doing a “not impressed” facial expression during the Olympics.

Lady Gaga ($275 million)

This pop diva has her pockets filled thanks to her talent and her music industry management. She recently made a documentary that gives a glimpse into her personal affairs.

Scarlett Johannsson ($100 million)

This gorgeous and adored actress began her acting career since her childhood. But now she has become in one of Hollywood’s favorite actress and surely she has the talent to take full advantage of it.

JK Rowling ($1 billion)

The spiritual mother of the Harry Potter franchise had to work very hard to receive her recognition and to earn her money. Now, while Harry Potter’s fans enjoy the magical world, she will enjoy the profits.

Britney Spears ($215 million)

The 90’s pop queen still receives money from her talent. Britney is making tours around the world singing her mega-hits and is participating in a very popular show in Las Vegas. Besides, she still looks gorgeous.

Amy Schumer ($16 million)

Although she is one of the funniest women of the moment, Amy’s road to success was not an easy one. But thanks to her talent and her hardworking dedication, she can break boundaries and redefine comedy.

Suzanne Somers ($100 million)

Everybody still remembers Suzanne for her famous role of Chrissy on TV’s sitcom “Three’s Company”. Some years later, her fans enjoyed her talents again in the iconic sitcom “Step by Step.”

Reese Witherspoon ($120 million)

Reese is remembered for her role in “Man on the Moon.” But now, she is the owner of a production company which has invested in some movies and TV productions that portray women’s stories.

Cher ($305 million)

It seems there is nothing Cher can’t do. Her concerts, movies, and records help to add more sums to her pockets. However, Cher has added some extra zeros to her worth by selling several of her properties.

Dolly Parton ($500 million)

Dolly has successful recording career for over 3 decades. But her most famous achievement was when she received an Academy Award nomination and Golden Globe Award for her hit number in the movie “9 to 5.”

Nadya Suleman ($1 million)

Also known as the “Octomom,” is definitely, not the favorite to receive a warm welcome into a church or have her name related to philanthropist causes. However, it’s impossible to deny the fact this woman knows how to make money on her own. After giving birth 14 children and raising them, Nadya has appeared on many TV shows (i.e. Dr. Phil, The Oprah Winfrey show) talking about her current situation.



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