When This Dog Stopped While On A Walk, His Owner Knew Something Was Wrong

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The Long-Lasting Bond Between Dog And Owner

For many dog owners, the bond forged between man and dog is something unbreakable. No one who never has a dog will understand the love between a canine and its owner, especially, the fact that each dog has its own personality and traits. So for one owner, when his four-legged partner suddenly sat down when they were strolling, he instinctively knew something was wrong. regrettably, this was only the beginning of a sad story.

Adoption is Near

One day, a solitary man looks at an advertisement of dogs available to adopt at a local shelter. He decided to go and when he arrived, the shelter’s staff offered a senior dog which he immediately adopted.

Furry Agitator

However, things were not going to be so easy. The adult dog had some issues to improve. One moment tested the owner’s patience when came back from work and saw the dog teared up almost everything in his apartment. Fortunately, the man took it with a sense of humor and took the picture of his dog, lying in the middle of the trash heap.

Time For Learning And Adaptation

The owner immediately cleans up the mess his new dog did and then he decides to teach him how to use his new bed. However, the dog has different plans and would prefer to have some belly rubs instead. It seems this dog just needed to be a bit spoiled.

Experiencing New Things

The man tries to take his new dog out for a walk. While the dog is a bit reluctant at first, thanks to the owner’s patience, they soon begin to work as a team. The dog is even able to learn a pair of new trick from his owner. These two are building a strong bond between them.

Enjoying Company

As they pass more time together, stronger their bond has become, of course, with the help of treats, kisses, and a lot of cuddles. It seems like nothing in the world will worry this pair. All they need is being together. That’s real love!

Something Is Not Right

Sadly, things took an unexpected turn when they were out for a walk, the owner notices his dog is beginning to walk slower until stop. He took his dog to a vet for a check-up and, unfortunately, his fur friend is not well. Thus, in just seconds the owner is in a heartbreaking situation where he must leave his beloved friend there and return home alone (again).

Depressed And Alone

Once he returned to his home, he is devastated. Everything in the house is a reminder of his canine pal. The bed, toys, the food bowl, all of his belongings that never will be used again. Unable to do something, the man falls into despair and begins to cry.

But There Is Still Hope

However, there is still hope. Instead of keeping crying and suffering by the loss of his friend, the man finds a new advertisement for dog adoptions. It’s when he realized while he may have lost one beloved friend, there are many others waiting for being adopted at the local shelter.

Adopt, Please

Taking once again the leash, the man decides to go to the local shelter to find another partner and a new friendship is born. PETA really hopes that this sad but hopeful story will help to inspire people to rescue and adopt rather than support the breeding industry. Remember, there are so many discarded pets waiting a second chance to be loved. Sadly, much of them might never get such chance.


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