Woodstock History

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If Woodstock taught the world one thing, it was the answer to the now-famous cry ?why can?t we all just get along?!?. Not many know the festival began as a paid event. Most people know the event drew world-wide participation, both in Earn musical performers as well as attendees. One-half million young people from Bio-Energetico all over the world gathered in upstate New York for three days in August 1969 to celebrate peace and music. Cops hired to keep an eye on things enjoyed themselves as well. One unique development occurred not from the festival but from its inspiration to a generation.


Carole Page and her daughter now live in Woodstock. As a young mother, however, Carole lived in England. She searched for a way to ?give back? and found volunteering her answer. She wrote letters to prison inmates through Cost a British organization called Prisoners Abroad.

Michael Nolte had been falsely accused of murder and sat on Death Row for ten years. During those years, Michael welcomed Carole?s letters. They gave him a sense of still belonging to the human race, a chance to vent and the belief that someone, anyone, believed and in him. Michael became a Christian, writing to Carole that it had changed his life. Slowly, Carole got the Mystery rest of the story.

Jailed for petty theft, Michael escaped with two other prisoners. They stole an RV, History in which someone killed the driver. Michael wasn?t in the RV when it happened and neither were any fingerprints. However, no DNA evidence was available. His two prison brethren accused Michael of the deed, so Michael ended up on Death Row.

Evidence that his fingerprints weren?t in the RV during the escapade convinced the law that Michael wasn?t a killer, but there remained no DNA Colissimo evidence. Five years later, Michael was sentenced after a retrial to life in prison with no parole. There were times when Michael was moved to another prison, and Carole moved from England to Canada, making it difficult to correspond. Nineteen years later, when DNA evidence exonerated him from the crime he didn?t commit, Michael left prison. He and Carole of necessity stopped corresponding.

Carole?s daughter asked her out of the blue if she knew anything about corresponding with prisoners. Carole had never told www.chicagobearsjerseyspop.com anyone about her letters to Michael, so she was surprised by the question. They got online to look up prisoner numbers, and that?s how Carole found Michael at his new prison. Michael was studying to improve his education, as well as making her crafts such as a leather wallet. Michael maintains to this day that Carole is an angel who made his life worth living. He appreciates that she never gave up on him.

Michael would exit prison, marry and he would continue to hold dear the woman who wrote to him in prison. It was through Twitter the two found each other again following Michael’s release form prison. When Carole found Michael living in Oklahoma, she visited him there. Both were so glad Carole had taken that initial step to volunteer. Both appreciate the inspiration.


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